Considering Investing in the Stock Market?


It’s the smart thing to do. You should only invest in things you really understand. So first, arm yourself with the right questions, facts and data about any company you are considering investing in. Equidata1, Inc. through our research department, compiles pertinent information on selected companies both from a fundamental and technical standpoint  in our analysis of their probability of future growth and profitability.

Remember this: No matter what computer Stock Trading Program you may use, you’ll still lose your shirt if you don’t know the unwritten rules and secrets of Supply and Demand.

Learn the fundamentals of chart reading in order to uncover and display the devious manipulations which create forces that move stocks and even the indices, either up or down.

Our Seminar GENESIS, ” Principles of Technical Analysis and Chart Reading in Trading Stocks”, will provide everything you need to know in order to be successful in trading stocks and will show you why the public always lose and the insiders (those who know these fundamentals) always win.


GENESIS, a proven system of stock market trading based on stock chart analysis and interpretations.

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ISBN No. 09622444-1-4

This system evolved over the 17th and 18th century England and is based not solely on the scientific laws of supply and demand, which can be manipulated, but also on a 30 percent fundamental and 70 percent technical factor; (public psychological factors included). It is a system, while not infallible, has proven to work 87 percent of the time. It was unofficially adopted as the unwritten rule of stock market trading by the rich and powerful of the time.
Secrets of this trading system are jealously guarded and still serve as the BIBLE for visual interpretation of future movements of stocks. Used by the great names of Wall Street insiders for over 100 years, this system is indispensable for professional Day Traders and novice investors alike.

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  • The Seven Basic Chart Formations used to forecast future movements of stocks.

  • Stock and Market fundamentals as an aid in forecasting stock movements.

  • Spotting syndicate operations: their effect on the supply and demand

  • Spotting Buy and Sell signals.

  • When to switch positions.

  • When to buy for the long or short-term.

  • Riding the waves of profits on the coat tails of the insiders.

  • Are you psychologically fit for Stock Market trading?

  • Exercising patience for profits…and much more.

Seminar created and produced by a Registered Investment Adviser with over 30 years of Wall Street trading experience.

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